Infectious, Romantic, Noir…Alice & the Lovers Launch ‘Valentine’, Feb 14th

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 17.00.25Newcomers Alice & the Lovers release their infectious and romantically inclined debut single “Valentine” on 14th February on Shaking All Over Records.

‘Valentine’ has hints of a Spector-esque retro girl group along with the trashy darkness of The Velvet Underground. The band have a touch of vintage, country and dark romance to their sound, like a 1950’s film-noir character meets a garage rock band.

Alice & The Lovers are songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alice Offley alongside her sister Amy (Guitar), Rio Tasia (Guitar) and Rosie Lefevre (Drums). Swindon-born Alice (the town also spawned both Diana Dors and XTC!) started the band in her bedroom as a producer wanting to recreate the old girl group sound.

Brought up on classic records from The Beatles to Kate Bush; piano playing, and family sing-alongs, Alice claims her musical influences go far back into classic pop history.

She sites retro country stars as her personal influences from 1950’s country stars, like Loretta Lynn and her hero, the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis.

A pianist and lover of old harmony bands such as the Shangri Las and Everly Brothers, she felt lonely playing solo gigs, so put a band together of her sister and female friends. She writes and produces at home claiming, “My house is like an old music shop come studio. I’m like a magpie for collecting old guitars, pianos, drums, keyboards and organs. I love the vibe and character of old recordings.”



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