Heavenly Hell by Gianluca Pisano – Emotionally Charged and Irresistibly Mysterious

This March, Iklectik Art Lab invite you to experience their space anew as they support and uncover the introverted yet alluring power of Pisano’s subversive icons. The gallery’s themed themed private view, opening 6th March, will present audiences fortunate enough to attend with a live soundscape and performance by specially selected musicians.

Coming from an Italian background, Pisano finds an easy connection with many of the classical masterpieces found and filled in every corner of Italy – an advantage and awareness he took head on in developing his technical skills. The preparation of his paintings are approached in a fairly traditional way, “I’m always very conscious of the process of ‘the art of painting'” he says.

Gianluca Pisano paints an emotionally charged plethora of melodramatic images, using very pronounced chiaroscuro, where there are violent contrasts of light and dark. Shapes are seen to emerge from a deep black background as light gives way to shadows, the end of knowledge, the place where mystery is irresistible and sure to unquestionably excite the mind of spectators with the suggestion of the unknown. Through recognisable and naturalistic form, these oil paintings with their inner quality of transparency and depth, point to something hidden, beyond the superficial appearance.

On achieving this, Gianluca says:

“‘I want my paintings to make powerful visual statements, creations filled with a presence that a spectator cannot ignore.” 

Heavily Hell opens 2nd – 14th March

/i’klectik/ Art-Lab 20 Carlisle Lane SE1 7LG