After Nyne @ #LFW15: H By Hakaan Yildirim

London Fashion Week is officially over – After Nyne reports from the closing show: Hakaan Yildirim AW15

With hundreds of Fashion lovers queued outside the venue and guests including the fabulous Pandemonia we knew this show was going to be something special!

Known for his sexualised silhouettes this season Hakaan Yildirim mixed things up by adding subtle elements of masculinity. The collection was inspired by one of his favourite movies ‘Grey Gardens’ – a bit of an ironic story really; a family living in a mansion are actually living in poverty inside.

What inspired Hakaan most was that despite the poverty they never lost their sense of style – often re-working the same garments. Everyone loves a fashionista that can pull off a tight budget!

Hakaans AW15 is a combination of his signature silhouettes mixed with a bit of Grey Gardens grit!

We particularly loved the use of headscarves and dress wiring, bringing back a bit of old-school chic.

The result: Wool, viscose & silks meet black, red & cream and light beige tones that dominate the collection – with suits over dresses and oversized faux fur adding that little bit extra glam to the collection (you can never be too glamorous!)

Since winning the DHL Exported Programme last year Hakaan has come on leaps and bounds and we certainly can’t wait to see what September brings. Keep up the great work Hakaan!

That’s all from London AW15 – Vediamo a Milano! (See you in Milan!)