Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery presents Movement in Space by Herbert Golser 

Sculpture artist Herbert Golser reduces his chosen material of wood to a maximum level of fragility and malleability yet to be uncovered in his upcoming exhibition “Movement in Space” at the Austrian Cultural Forum this week. The Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery invites its followers to attend the opening reception on Thursday 26th February from 7-9pm (RSVP essential) to experience Golser’s transposing of wood into extraordinary organic sculptures, of which will simultaneously appear completely new, yet recognisable from an ancient past.

Golser Herbert 2013


Herbert Golser’s sculptures never lose sight of their raw material but as he takes the wood back to a seemingly impossibly subtle form he manages to straddle both worlds of the other artists. At times the wood appears like wafer thin pages of an ancient manuscript, in others it forms sculptural shapes that approach the essence of a Brancusi.All of Golser’s sculptures contain an extreme delicacy, the wood appearing to tremble in the air, such is its extraordinary lightness. So concerned is he with the tone and form of his raw material that with their colour, knots and veins, each piece look like an imaginary map of the universe.

The exhibition opens from 26 Feb 2015 – 2 Apr 2015 at the Austrian Cultural Forum London

28 Rutland Gate

London SW7 1PQ

Tube: Knightsbridge

Buses: 9, 10, 52 & 452