After Nyne Meets..Theatre Ad Infinitum

Theatre Ad Infinitum is a multi-award-winning international ensemble based in London that develops new and original theatre for multi-cultural audiences.

Their award-winning production Odyssey, which After Nyne reported on last week, is currently playing as part of the VAULT Festival.

The Company is led by two Co-Artistic Directors: George Mann (sole performer in the Odyssey show) and Nir Paldi.

After Nyne met with Nir Paldi at the beginning of the week to find out more about the company, the performance and what we can next expect from Theatre Ad Infinitum.

Odyssey opened last week, Nir – what feedback have you had so far? 

It’s an amazing experience performing this show after quite a while of not doing it. We premiered it in 2009 you see and we forgot the impact it has on the audience. We’ve been getting wonderful responses. People are absolutely taken aback by George’s commitment and the performance feat that is our Odyssey.

He brings to life all the characters, landscapes and emotions of this age-old story using only his body. It takes audiences to the origin of storytelling; reviewers have branded it ‘a celebration of the storyteller’.

Take us back in time to the founding of Theatre Ad Infinitum – what made you want to explore this particular venture?

Ad Infinitum is a creative umbrella for George and I to make theatre under. We wanted something that will allow us the freedom of making what we want to make.

It’s hard work as we also take care of all the management side of the company but it’s extremely rewarding. I wouldn’t replace the independence that running your own company gives you for anything.

How important is it to you to nurture rising talent?

I think that supporting younger artists is extremely important. When we just started, we turned to people who had more experience for advice and their generosity was invaluable. We simply wouldn’t have been able to make the shows we’ve made without it. We still ask for help and advice from peers and others that have been around for longer than us.

We do our best to help anyone who asks us too. In fact, George was just appointed as Associate Director at Bristol Old Vic. One of his projects will be to create a scheme that supports younger artists and companies starting their journey in the industry.

What would you like people to take away from Odyssey?

I hope audiences watching Odyssey experience the beauty and power of this classic story in a new and exciting way and that they see how much can be created by just one actor and his extremely physical performance.

What’s next for Theatre Ad Infinitum?

Until the end of this year we will be starting research on a number of projects. These will be completed one after another in the next few years. We feel like taking a little more time for research.

A very exciting piece of news is that one of our productions is going to get a second run in London in the summer. Can’t yet reveal which production it is and where, but more news will be coming soon!

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