After Nyne Reader Exclusive: Enjoy Your First Order With The Grape Club With 15% Off.

The Grape Club is an innovative online wine subscription service. Delivering four bottles of wine straight to your door each month for £45, which you wouldn’t normally find in the supermarket.

The Grape Club is the UK’s answer to helping the digital generation understand and appreciate great wine at a reasonable price.

First cousins from a wine producing family in Northern Portugal, Ant and Louisa Symington founded The Grape Club in September 2014. They had grown tired of the wine available in supermarkets, where quality is often secondary to label and price when choosing wine.

They resented how much they’d have to spend on a last-minute bottle on the way to see friends for dinner. Like most people, they are eager to learn more about what they drink and appreciate good wine when they taste it.

Ant (26) and Louisa (27) are bringing 120 years of family wine experience into the 21st century. As the modern working schedule leaves little time to hunt for and learn about interesting wines, the first cousins introduced The Grape Club to take the hassle out of buying good wine.

Each month is given a theme and four wines are carefully sourced to reflect this, with every bottle accompanied by a tailored tasting note. Wary of the common (and at times, not entirely undeserved) perception of snobbery in the world of wine, the note is written in layman’s terms. This explains the connection between a wine’s origin and its flavours, as well as offering food pairing suggestions.

Ed Agnew, Grape Club member says “I’ve always been interested in wine but never known how or had time to learn more about it. It’s quite intimidating trying to choose what wine to buy. Now I know I’ll receive my monthly Grape Drop with fantastic wines and I can learn as I enjoy them!”

With first-hand knowledge of the hectic lifestyles typically led by today’s young professionals, Ant and Louisa decided to wave goodbye to their jobs and set out to turn their passion for wine into their occupation; The Grape Club was born.

Ant Symington, Co-Founder of The Grape Club says “Louisa and I understand how time and money are an issue which prevent people from taking up a hobby like enjoying good wine. This is why, with our family history and experience, our ultimate aim is that members can start to develop their understanding of wine through our monthly “Grape Drop.””

The Grape Club have joined forces with After Nyne to offer our readers a special 15% off their first Grape Drop.

Simply follow the online sign-up procedure, and once complete, email your order number and the words ‘AFTER NYNE INTRO OFFER’ to Anthony Symington at to apply your discount. 

You must be a UK resident and over the age of 18 to claim this offer.