Just a little Nip & Tuck – American Apparels bizarre approach to ‘toning down’ their ad girls.

Writing this piece with a little bit of heartbreak; as I personally love the nips on show approach American Apparel do time and time again. Evidently the majority of the British public and ASA think it’s bad taste – and in reaction to recent comments American Apparel have been told to calm down a little. Gone are the days of muff and in its wake a nipple-less girl reins.

I’m all for funky retouching, and if this was done to make a statement I’d totally into it; but on Wednesday, ASA (advertising standards authority) the clothing chain’s ad featuring a young-looking model in a thong body with a suggestive pose as it was seen as “sexualising children”.

Better times:

American Apparel is knbefore american appown and loved by many for it’s risky campaigns – because who doesn’t want to see full frontal self lovin’ while they’re shopping for a new pair of disco pants.

Michelle Lytle, (the nipple bikini line co-founder) believes that the company is actually taking power away from women who should not feel ashamed of their bodies – you tell ‘em Michelle!

“It’s kind of laughable for them to think that removing nipples from their images of their sheer lingerie is the best way to do this considering their questionable ad choices in recent years. This is a step in the wrong direction and is contributing to the sexualisation of a woman’s body at a time where there is a large and growing movement for equality,” she tells Animal New York (animalnewyork.com)

Is this the end of the racy American Apparel Ad – will we ever see a nipple again?

Let us know what you think of the images, are you pro-nip or do you think this is a change for the better? #freethenip