Nomadic Spirit..Serious Flow…Miles Glyphers Set For the Big Time

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Australian rapper Miles Glyphers unveils new music ahead of the release of his debut mixtape, ‘Twisted Youth’, with a remix of JOY.’s ‘Stone’ and accompanying music video.

Miles’ relaxed rapping style is a refreshing remix to the sultry, slow burning production. He says: “When I first heard the record I really liked the vibe of it. It reminded me of a past relationship and the chorus was just perfect. I wanted people to listen to it and be like ‘damn I can relate’.”

Miles was born in Saaley, a small town in the Ivory Coast. He and his family got the opportunity to move to Australia when he was 11 years old after living in Guinea for a short while. Miles now lives in Sydney but his nomadic experiences as a youngster have made him hungry to explore new places and travel.

“For most people the word home is peaceful, home is where they are most happy after a long day. For me home is like a jail I feel like am stuck in.”

Music became an escape for Miles, and also something he felt in control of for once. Describing his style as chilled and relaxed, Miles doesn’t necessarily think it’s hip-hop in the conventional sense. Similarly he feels his love for fashion sets him apart from his peers.

“My style is a mixture of things am into, lots of colours which makes it seems a little tropical. I dress like a skater in a hip hop form, am into shorts and high socks, Vans etc. I rather call my style unlike hip-hop, because usually people expect chains and certain type of fashion wear.”

Catching some national attention, Miles opened for Kid Ink in 2014 at his Sydney tour show at the Hi-Fi Centre. It was around this time that UK producer Sound Of Fractures came across one of Miles’ first songs and got in touch.

Through their mutual love of Hip Hop, and wanting to stand out from the crowd, they quickly found a common ground, and since then have been working on Miles’ debut mixtape together which is set for a Spring 2015 release.


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