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BBC6 Music – “We wish WE had thought of this…brilliant.”

The Evening Standard – “We Were Evergreen are the rarest of things: a band with something new and brilliant to offer.”

WE-WERE-EVERGREEN-0136_RGB-copyCreating an infectious hybrid of English folk mixed with pop and disco, We Were Evergreen moved from Paris to London four years ago. Fabienne, William and Michael have formed a band of utter ambition but unquestionable ease. We adore their intense fusion of French lyrical tradition sung in English, married to a very anglo-pop sensibility which has led to a musical match made in heaven.

Following on from the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Best Thing’, the band are back; returning for the summer season with a cover of ‘Be Like You’, taken from the ever-loved classic – The Jungle Book.  The new single marks the beginning of the bands second album, which we can’t wait to hear!

After Nyne caught up with the trio to discuss their new single and plans for the summer.

Be Like You’ is such a fun tune, whose idea was it to take inspiration from the Jungle Book?

Michael was the first to be interested in this track for a cover. We heard his version then we all added our own little twist in it.

You talk about the universal theme of envy which underpins the lyrics, a theme which also runs through the first album, what experiences are you drawing on as a band to explore this?

Maybe not as a band, but it feels like something everyone might experience at one point – rather than envy, it’s more the idea of wanting to be someone else completely rather than improving yourself.

That was quite a deep question, whilst we’re still on the subject of the Jungle Book…what character would you guys want to be and why?

Fabienne would be one of the elephants, don’t ask her why. Or one of the wolves helping Mowgli.

William would be Bagheera, for obvious reasons, and still has that teddy somewhere. Michael would be Shere Khan and he would wear Ka like a scarf.

I love your cover of Kiesza’s ‘Hideaway’ – can we look forward to any more covers or Disney inspired reworks?

Rearranging a song is a fun exercise so yes, we’ll do it again in the future. But for now, we are focusing on new songs for the next album.

Having supported amazing acts like Goldfrapp and Metronomy – who would be your ideal support act?

It’s true that we were lucky enough to support some brilliant bands last year – besides those two, we also played with Villagers and Anna Calvi. We would absolutely love to support Tune-yards, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Mac Demarco or Tame Impala… too many to mention.

On your previous album you’ve used all sorts of crazy instruments, can you give away any new sounds we might be hearing on the new album?

We’ve been writing for the next album and are really interested in more eastern-sonding instruments such as the gamelan, the hang or the Chinese zither. We will see where this will lead us.

Summer is fast approaching, have you guys got any plans to play at any festivals this year?

This summer will be more about writing and recording the next album, so not much live at the moment! We’ll be playing in Cracow, Paris and Beirut in May and June though, looking forward to that!

Check out the video for ‘Be Like You’ here:

And you can buy the song on iTunes here.

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