After Nyne 7 Exclusive: After Nyne Meets…Sam Roddick

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It was After Nyne’s pleasure to meet Sam Roddick recently.

Entrepreneur, campaigner, artist…there is nothing Sam hasn’t done and made a success of.

What follows is an insight into a truly original mind.

Sam, your trailblazing spirit…where do you believe it came from?

I have come from an ancestral line of impossible, disobedient women, who were all rebels with a cause. My great grandmother was a huge landowner in Italy. She literally owned entire mountains.

At the latter part of her life she became a socialist, who wanted revenge on her cheat ing husband so gave all her land away to the tenants.

My grandmother had a horrifically abusive husband and the only way she survived it was having a long term affair with her childhood sweetheart, my mother was a “love child”, a product of that affair.

When my mum was 11, my grandmother divorced her abusive husband, married her lover and denounced Catholicism. She was the first person in her community to divorce. In the end she held love over social stigma, she was a stand-alone women.

Then of course there is my mother – no more needs to be said… it is in my blood.

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