Wandsworth’s Mayor Shines at Art Movement’s BAC Support Event

art magazine

The Art Movement welcomed an eminent guest, the Mayor, Cllr. Nicola Nardelli last week.

Battersea’s newest art gallery hosted a special exhibition of works by their most popular artists to gather support for the local Battersea Arts Centre, since the dramatic Grand Hall fire in March.

It was a stunning evening with The Art Movement’s loyal friends and locals. Wandsworth’s friendly and glamorous Mayor was the highlight. Her extended visit and genuine interest in every person and artwork in the gallery was memorable. The Mayor has lived locally for 30 years and is making a noble effort in being in touch with and supporting the local community with her unstinting generous and humanitarian approach.

The Art Movement promotes a stable of 25 contemporary artists sourced locally and from the USA, selected for their draughtsmanship, mastery of their chosen medium, humour and style.



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