‘King’s Cross is On The Foodie Map’…Naomi Blair on Caravan

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Caravan King’s Cross is a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try out for ages, but despite living a 15 minute walk away, it wasn’t until last week that I finally got round to visiting it. Having heard good things, I was intrigued to see if Caravan’s food stood up to the hype. So I grabbed my flatmate, a loyal devotee of their brunch offerings, and together we solemnly vowed to eat our way through as much of the evening menu as common decency would allow.

Having been walked through the menu by our lovely waiter Matthew, we were left to deliberate between a choice of various small plates, large plates and pizzas. In the interest of ‘research’ we decided to go for a selection of small plates, choosing grilled English asparagus with truffle oil, tapenade and pecorino, burrata with chilli relish, grilled prawns with spiced corn, smoked San Simon cheese and jamon croquettes and their famous jalapeno cornbread with chipotle butter. We also ordered cocktails, an Earl Grey gimlet and a bellini, both of which were fine, but unremarkable which was slightly disappointing for around £8 a pop.

Our food arrived as and when it was ready, which is great if you’re sharing, but not so good if you’re not. The burrata and asparagus arrived first, and wasting no time, we got stuck in. Good burrata is always a pleasure, and this one was no exception; a generous ball of creamy, oozy mozzarella, which was contrasted nicely by the sweet and spicy relish accompanying it. The asparagus however was a bit ‘meh’ as it was slightly over-cooked for my tastes, with a barely detectable hint of truffle oil.

At £8.50 for three measly spears, I would expect each of them to be perfect, but was left feeling underwhelmed. However, this disappointment was swiftly assuaged by the arrival of three of the best croquettes I’ve ever eaten. Crunchy, gooey and richly flavoured, the groans and eye rolls these bad boys elicited were outrageous- it was all a bit ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

Next came the prawns with spiced corn, which arrived with a zingy lime sour cream which worked well with the smokey flavours of the dish. The much-feted jalapeno cornbread rounded things off and happily, it lived up to its fame, as it arrived warm with the richly spiced butter melting into the soft, crumbly bread.

Having quickly polished off our five small plates (and racked up a fairly sizeable bill already), it was a little disconcerting to find ourselves still hungry, and so we ordered the grilled aubergine, sweet onion, rosemary and caerphilly cheese pizza to share between us. This was more like a naan bread than a traditional pizza and was slightly doughy in texture. The toppings however, were good, with the aubergine having a delicious sweet caramelised taste.

All in all, Caravan was a great dining experience, with most of our dishes delivering on flavour, texture and appearance. The menu is well thought out and has many original and exciting combinations, showcasing the best of innovative British cuisine. The perfect destination for a special occasion, Caravan is putting King’s Cross well and truly on the foodie map.


Granary Building | 1 Granary Square (Off Goods Way)| London | N1C 4AA

TEL: 020 7101 7661