The Glorious Twelfth: Three Culinary Experiences to Mark the Day

The Wheatsheaf Inn

It’s fast approaching the twelfth of August, the official start of the shooting season for red grouse – an iconic game bird found in Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern England – and a key date in the British countryside calendar.

Dating back to The Game Act of 1831, the hunting seasons were brought in to conserve the populations of game birds.

Restaurants all over the country will be marking the beginning of grouse season. We’ve picked out three stand-out culinary experiences to mark the Glorious Twelfth.

The Wheatsheaf Inn

The critically acclaimed Wheatsheaf Inn, part of The Lucky Onion Group, are holding a grouse run. Priced at £50 per person, guests will be served a three course meal, featuring the first grouse of the season, fresh from Yorkshire. For a traditional take on the Glorious Twelfth, this Gloucestershire coaching inn is your best bet. For more information, go to:

Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks

Red Grouse at Tom's Kitchen, St Katharine Docks
Red Grouse at Tom’s Kitchen, St Katharine Docks

Stuck in the capital? Not a problem. The newest addition to Tom’s Kitchen at St Katharine Docks will add an extra special dish to its menu on the 13th -whole Roast Grouse with pate en croute, game jus, game chips and bread sauce. The grouse is priced at £40 for two people and will be carved at the table. The taste of the countryside in E1. For more information, go to:

M Restaurants

Crocodile at M Restaurants.
Crocodile at M Restaurants.

Not a fan of grouse or just fancy something a little different? M Restaurants have developed an alternative menu to commemorate the Glorious Twelfth, featuring exotic dishes such as crocodile with quails eggs and bone marrow, python steak and kangaroo tartar. For more information, go to: