Lucas Price – Dumb Poetry

Lucas Price makes his debut appearance at Lazarides Rathbone this August with a major new solo exhibition entitled Dumb Poetry.

Using a combination of photorealism, hard-edged abstraction and text, the London-based artist has created a new series of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The exhibition deconstructs the traditional still life and opens up an intuitive line of enquiry into the complex relationships between object and language.

Teenage Phantasm 106
Teenage Phantasm 106

Price’s latest paintings combine a series of loaded objects, including basketballs, tyres and fire extinguishers, alongside short bursts of open-ended language. From his earliest paintings the artist’s work has incorporated the use of text and in these most recent works this idea is again brought into play alongside a series of harshly lit sculptural forms.

Price’s interest in both the transcendental nature of inert things and their potential to be understood fully is played out by overlaying a system of images with provocative fragments of text. He experiments with a combination of stripped back phrases and bold imagery to change the overall meaning of the content, further developing a personal visual language which takes poetry as its starting point.

HIgh On Acid 1989

Dumb Poetry presents a refined body of work that deals with a multivalent collection of stark images and free associative words to powerful effect, drawing from sources within contemporary culture and recombining them in subtle and unique ways.

Dumb Poetry runs from August 15th until September 10th at Lazarides Rathbone

1 Rathbone Place