The Launch of Go Global Art: uniting global cultures through art

Go Global Art is a London-based art marketing platform and sales forum for the best emerging artists around the globe, launched in July 2015.

Dedicated to providing exposure for emerging artists and galleries around the world, Go Global Art presents a range of contemporary art that is high quality, affordable but, importantly, investmentworthy.

This new platform makes it possible for galleries and artists to reach out to new audiences – the growing number of new collectors and customers who purchase art online – and for buyers to discover artworks and artists that otherwise would be hard to find.

At the time of its launch, July 2015, Go Global Art is already presenting artists from: Argentina, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Jamaica and Malaysia.

Truly global in its outlook and operations, Go Global Art meets a real need; connecting local artists and galleries with the overseas consumers that they need to grow their business. Joining the Go Global Art community helps artists to increase their revenue while effectively outsourcing the logistics, international marketing, customer service and management of an online platform.

Founded by award-winning entrepreneur, engineer and business executive Andrea Chung, Go Global Art is borne out of a passion for travel, art and culture and a desire to see artists and makers succeed.

Each and every place has its own unique culture expressed through its art – visual arts,culinary arts, music, dance and literature. I wanted to shape a model which would give artists easy access to broader audiences, and create a secure platform for global artists to build their own business networks. It is vital that we provide great value for customers, as well as open up new markets for creative businesses around the world.

Andrea Chung

2012-Love-Is-In-The-AirThe number of persons purchasing artwork online is growing rapidly, with approximately 6% of all global art sales being made online. There are several companies that are selling art online, but there remains a gap in the market for buyers to gain easy access to affordable art from different cultures, priced from £100 upwards. In this model, the buyer has all the prices and information about the artist to make their own decision and can make the purchase instantly.

When you buy music, you don’t need to take a class to learn about the musician or ask an intermediary whether it is good or not – you simply know instantly whether you like the sound and if you like it, you buy it. Similarly with food, no-one can convince your taste-buds of liking something you don’t. Visual art is actually much the same, but we have been made to feel insecure about our own intuitive preferences in art. However, there is a new generation of collector that wants access to art from cultures that they feel connected to, at affordable prices, topped off with an Amazon-style purchase experience. This is what we hope to deliver.


A sentiment shared by participating Australian artist Nara Walker:

Accessibility to art via the internet means the artist today doesn’t have to relocate to promote, sell and share their work. The buyers can be immersed within a flux of colours, textures and subject matter- varying from location to location, artist and creator engaging into a new space. The four walled gallery is no longer the only place artists and collectors interact. I joined Go Global as it allows me to open my studio to a new platform where all are invited. NW

Go Global is a portal through which to experience the culture of different countries around the world and connect directly to the people who drive culture – the artists. Ultimately, Go Global will curate the best of art, crafts and cultural products, so that customers will be able to select a country, buy a piece of art or handmade jewellery, download a recipe for a traditional meal, listen to music, and even plan a dream vacation with a stay at a Go Global Villa. Go Global Art is the first phase of the business, an online platform and sales forum for the best emerging artists around the globe.


After Nyne caught up with Andrea Chung to ask further questions about the aims of Go Global Art.

What initially encouraged you to create Go Global Art?
I love art and enjoy visiting galleries, meeting artists and collecting artwork whenever I travel to a new country. This gave me the idea to create a platform where customers like myself can discover new artists and find artwork that moves and inspires them, without even leaving their desk. Its great to travel and collect art in person, but there’s sadly never enough vacation leave or space in the suitcase! This way, art lovers who are interested in art from different regions of the world will have an easy way to access it.

What does this online platform mean for artists around the world in this age of the internet?
I think that it is a huge benefit for emerging artists today to have the Internet as a means to independently build their brand and gain exposure. Go Global Art represents freedom, access and financial viability. Freedom in the sense that the artist’s customer base and earning potential is no longer limited by geographical borders and the economic climate of the country that they happen to be in. When the economy in a particular country is not growing, artists are the hardest hit, as art is a luxury item that people only purchase once they have provided the basics for themselves and their families. The traditional art world can also be quite exclusive and in smaller markets with an even smaller client base, it can be very difficult for talented artists to find the right backing and channels and to break through. The Internet gives the artists the ability to directly access to international customers, to be financially successful and most importantly – to keep creating art.

Your interest in cultures and travel almost seems to be the backbone of Go Global. How important to you is it that people share their cultures and life experiences with one another?
My interest in culture and travel is essentially the backbone of Go Global and the central objective is to have the artists’ story be heard. Their background, how they grew up, the cultural, social, religious and political influences in the country – these all are fascinating and actually help the viewer to appreciate the artwork even more. I believe that artistic expression is a way for people to connect and to transcend the barriers of language and distance that that usually divide us.

Does it ever worry you that the idea of creating “an Amazon-style purchase experience” of art may actually be devaluing it in some way? Or is this internet shopping of artwork simply another demonstration of the art world constantly expanding and evolving?
I don’t think that connecting with customers through a new medium devalues art in any way. The world has evolved technologically, we have gotten busier, and whether good or bad, today’s customer has different expectations of how they should be able to buy an item, be it clothing, their shopping or even a home. By “Amazon-style”, I mean the convenience, speed, door-to-door delivery and reliability. The other positive elements traditionally associated with buying art; of browsing through a curated collection of handpicked works, finding out about the artist, their biography and previous exhibitions, the ability to interact with a trusted person if needed, those parts of the experience have all hopefully been retained.

What are your hopes for Go Global in a year’s time, having launched just one month ago?
We share the same hopes and dreams and any one month-old start-up – to be wildly successful in a year’s time! I hope that we will become a “go-to” brand for the discerning art-lover and that we will be showcasing some amazing artistic talent from around the world.


art works, in order of appearance, by artists:

Nara Walker, Australia

Daniel Acosta, Argentina

Chungknight, Jamacia

Qing Qi, China