Meet A Whole New World Of Ukrainian Fashion Online At Odivo

Clothing as a way of self-identification – characterising your personality – is not anything new. Dress manifests your attitudes, habits and views; it represents your own character traits and outlines your virtues.

In 2015, Odivo joined the world-view of Ukrainian fashion designers and brands – making a point to develop a strong aesthetic form, while also visually expressing personality through the Ukrainian womenswear designers and brands it works with. Ukrainian fashion plays an active part in contemporary art, and both fashion and art form local tendencies and help to create global trends.

With concept as a paramount importance, ODIVO bears the mission of acquainting the world with the most interesting and true-to-form designers in Ukrainian fashion. Gathering some of the most awarded, applauded and showcased Ukrainian designers and brands in one global place, ODIVO retails the best in Ukrainian fashion design.

ODIVO’s Founder, Lada Legina has gone an extra mile in ensuring that consumers are left satisfied with the garments available through the store.

She says, “Our goal is purely altruistic. We were among those early birds who realized that people’s choice of purchase is determined not by their purchasing capacity.

What people truly want from their material possessions is to reflect accurately their persona, and this applies to clothing more than to anything else”.

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