Valley Maker’s Latest Single ‘Only Friend’ Explores the Beauty and Wonder of Life

Valley Maker ‘Only Friend’ single review

Valley Maker is Seattle based singer-songwriter Austin Crane’s musical project, named after a Smog song. He cites influences such as Will Oldham, Cat Power and Jason Molina.

‘Only Friend’ is the first song from upcoming Valley Maker album When I Was A Child. The song is framed by catchy and insistent guitar and punctuated with Austin Crane’s lyrics, which grapple throughout with faith, life after death and his Southern upbringing. Long-time collaborator Amy Godwin provides sparse and haunting vocals in the background.

“Songwriting is a way to approach unanswerable questions, these experiences that don’t have easy conclusions,” says Austin Crane, the 27 year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter behind Valley Maker. “It’s a way to dwell on history and ask these big questions with other people.”

The song was composed during a nomadic period spanning two continents and conveys a melancholy reflection on life. The video, directed by Joseph Kolean, features some wild, watery landscapes that fit with the reflective nature of the song.

Valley Maker’s debut album ‘When I Was A Child’ is out on the 25th September via Brick Lane Records –

Watch the ‘Only Friend’ video via Stereogum:

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