Lisa Wright: THE UNVERSED – Redefining the Means of The Gaze

In presenting a solo show from Royal Academy-alumni Lisa Wright at Gallery 8, leading curatorial duo Coates & Scarry are showing exactly why they are considered to be at the top of their game.

Wright – Cornwall-based and having numerous solo and group exhibitions to her name – is a fearless magpie-scientist of an artist, taking fragments of eras gone by and blending these with an acute sense of the personal, and intimate.

One feels on observing any one piece, almost as if we are intruding on something that we should not be seeing…the unclothed, behind the scenes domestic scenes viewed through keyholes. But once, observed, the elegance of the brush strokes makes you look, draws you in.

But Wright can’t resist a trick at the viewer’s expense…when we realise that one elegant, pot-bellied rococo youth on display can found flipping us the bird.

It’s not disdain for the viewer though….Wright wants you to look deeper..perhaps subtly determining and redefining what it means to look, and what it is we actually see when we do look. The defiant stares of the subjects do make one wonder at times who is the spectator and who is the ‘spectated’.

This is also an artist of elegantly executed flexibility, as evidenced by her intricate work on paper, seen in the lower gallery.

This show is a winner, and Coates, Scarry, Gallery 8 and Wright should feel fully assured that their bravery, and humour has paid off.

Claire Meadows 

Lisa Wright | The Unversed | Gallery 8 | Until October 17th

All opening night images credited to David Jensen. 

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