The Neon-Health-Service Department of Light Therapy Prescribes Art and Absinthe at The Other Art Far

“We are not supposed to be perfect – life would be boring if we were. It’s good to have feelings, why hide them? We all make mistakes.” Rebecca Mason, After Nyne Issue 7 on her candour and openness.

Remaining loyal to the genuinity of her free-spoken neon pieces, Rebecca Mason will be unveiling a collection of works that bring to light the darkness within our own emotions and very human existence. The Green Room, sponsored by La Fèe Absinthe, sets the tone for the immersive experience where visitors are invited to unburden themselves with a little help with the safety of an anonymous mask and a glass of La Fèe absinthe for courage.

Inspired by London’s loud, vibrant and tireless culture – Rebecca uses the city’s vital energy as a focal point in asserting the fears, insecurities and questions that get lost within the buzz. 
Pieces in the Green Room include: Obsession – called “In Excess” – a piece reflecting on common obsessions we have and their excess, as well as Lost (Word Search), Power (Turn Me On) and Alone (Inner Strength: 4000 volts of solitude) – this flashes from alone to one and does so to reflect the power of self-reliance. 

The Green Room is a ticketed event, for more information visit

The Other Art Fair runs from 15th – 18th October, 2015 at the Old Truman Brewery
Hanbury Street
E1 68R

Luciana Garbarni (@LucPierra)