North London has some Social Skills!

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Meet Social Skills, the three-piece collective whose majestic sound will transport listeners into a world of 70’s synths, and kaleidoscopic guitar riffs. Made up of Chopper on keyboard, Moshik on drums, and Scuta on guitar and vocals, Social Skills exude talent, authenticity, and maturation. Hailing from North London, the band came together through a shared love of antiqued studio equipment and vintage synths. Fast-forward to the present day, and with a catalogue of new music to share, the band are releasing their debut EP Socialize!, a 4 track project which proves the band as one to watch in the world of Indie-Electronic sounds.

Lead track “It’s Invisible”, speaks volumes of talent, with distinctive and atmospheric vocals that are bound to have listeners hooked from the very first listen. Speaking on a relationship that has slowly and quietly broken down, the drum-heavy and ambient Indie-POP track sends listeners on a journey of love, lust and heartache.

After Nynes’s Music Editor Lulu Jones caught up with the collective

How did you guys get together as a band?  Was it your combined social skills?


Scuta: Actually our Social Skills are pretty terrible. We’re normally holed up in the studio making music so there’s not been much time for socializing.  The name is kind of tongue in cheek. We all met through friends in different bands and kind of melded together eventually. We all do different things in the band.  I like writing songs, singing and playing guitar, Moshik is on drums and does a lot of the recording, and Chopper plays keyboards. So we’re self-reliant.  We produce all our songs ourselves in a rooftop studio on the outskirts of north London.

What was behind the inspiration for your amazing track ‘It’s Invisible’?


‘It’s Invisible’ is about a relationship breaking apart and how hard it is to admit that it’s broken. We deliberately lead the listener down one path and then change direction after the intro.  We also  wanted the lyrics to virtually, but nor quite, loop through the song.  It’s kind of like a groundhog day being stuck in the same situation over and over with no way out

The video for the track is truly incredible – did you guys come up with the concept?


Thanks. That was the director David Strindberg from Kevin&Roy.  We have to thank him and our wonderful actors for that. It’s about the endless search for that intangible something, someone, to put our cracked pieces back together. Relationships run both on the surface and in the currents underneath. We try to fix ourselves by running after glimpses of what could be. In the end the best place to look for answers is in the mirror.

Your music was also featured on that insanely mesmerizing jelly film done for Bombas and Parr – how did that come about?  And are you jelly fans?


A friend of mine (Scuta) knew the Director – Jenny Van Sommers – and she wanted us to put forward some tracks to see if they would fit with the film.  She fell in love with “Let Go of Letting Go” so it’s featured on the video. It’s the second track on our EP “Socialize!” which is out on November 6th and available to pre-order on iTunes right now. I can’t say I eat a lot of jelly – but it looks good when it wobbles. It’s funny how each jelly seems to dance to the track at different times.

And finally, what’re your plans for next year? What else can we expect from you guys?


We’re going to be doing some live shows early next year. We love playing live so we’re looking forward to that.  Hopefully that will be followed by festivals and releasing more songs too. And no doubt we’ll be back in the studio too.

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