Paul Smith Dresses Bond in the Suit You’ll Be Head Over Heels For…

Paul Smith A Suit to Travel In

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James Bond Paul Smith CoverTo celebrate the release of Spectre, Paul Smith has designed a new cover for a first edition, first impression copy of The Man with the Golden Gun for rare book specialist Peter Harrington. The jacket depicts everyone’s favourite spy clad in Smith’s unassumingly labelled “Suit to Travel In” which may, in fact, have achieved the holy suiting grail in enabling the simultaneous maintenance of optimum levels of both dapperness and comfort – whether your commute happens to involve buses, trains, planes or (pommel) horses (seriously – check out the vid below). Perfect, then, for Mr Bond – and, indeed, all those for whom a working day would feel incomplete for the lack of a spot of parkour. The suit’s “strong bounce” apparently comes courtesy of its yarn’s origin – the underbelly of the Merino sheep. Fancy yourself more Léa Seydoux than Daniel Craig? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to cartwheel your way to the office in the suit’s more feminine incarnation. From £600 for the full shebang, it’s a snip compared to the £3,500 you’ll have to shell out to reserve bookcase space for a first edition Bond…

The book will be on display alongside 40 other rare Bond books and assorted memorabilia at Paul Smith, 9 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BL, until Sunday. Visit the Paul Smith website for more information on A Suit to Travel In.

Samantha Simmonds