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If you’re going to learn the ancient art of chocolate making, why not learn from the man who created a 7kg chocolate model of Phillip Schofield’s head? Well, British chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory, who can boast this singular claim to fame (and has also made birthday chocs for the Queen, fact fans), will be running a one-off masterclass entitled “The Festive Art of Chocolate” at The Arch London on Thursday 19th November [Edit: This event is now sold out, but, due to exceptional demand, a further class will now take place on Saturday 13th February 2016].

art range pt1The three hour class will integrate Paul’s expert demonstrations with the chance for guests to try their own truffle-filling skills, along with ample “sampling” opportunities. Having been invited in for a sneaky taster, I can assure you that, down-to-earth London lad though Paul may be, chocolate is something he takes seriously. His passionfruit recipe (my personal favourite) has been eight years in the making, and counting. “Do these chocolates taste like other chocolates?” he demands. Well, no, they don’t… Though hardly as poetic as is probably deserved, the best term I can think of to describe the unique quality which binds Paul’s little delights is “grown up” – unadulterated by artificial, processed additives, the flavours are almost shocking in their richness and purity. And, though we all refer to the “art” of the chocolatier, I am struck by the scientific basis of Paul’s work – mathematics turns out to be key to the perfect chocolate recipe (there’s even a pie chart). It being a masterclass on the festive art of chocolate and all, Paul’s demonstration revolves around his “Christmas Pudding” truffle, which we are encouraged to sample at all stages of its creation – if you’ve never grabbed a spoon and dug into warm spiced liquid chocolate, you haven’t lived. Need one more reason to go? I’ll give you two more words – chocolate… martinis.

The next Art of Chocolate Masterclass will take place at The Arch London, 50 Great Cumberland Place, Marble Arch, London W1H 7FD, on Saturday 13th February 2016. Call 020 7724 4700 to reserve your place. Tickets cost £70.

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