The Other Art Fair Launches Greener Future Initiative – 14-17 March 2019 Truman Brewery

The Other Art Fair has announced that in 2019 it will set itself the challenge of creating a Greener Future. All twelve of the fair’s global editions this year are to focus on issues of sustainability in a special programme curated by arts broadcaster and Soho House Head of Collections Kate Bryan.
Kate has programmed a year-long series of events, initiatives and exhibitions within the fair context to highlight climate change and put forward environmentally friendly art and ideas. Visitors can buy a reusable drinking cup designed by David Shrigley and, for one night only, artist Charming Baker will create one off artworks by upcycling pieces brought in by the public.
With the incredible line-up of artists also including Sarah Maple, Eliza Hopewell, Rose Blakeand Tom Pope, Greener Future will launch at The Other Art Fair’s London edition in March at the Truman Brewery.
We all know we should be doing more to be greener but more often than not we know that for many individuals the sheer scale of the global environmental issue is overwhelming. The Other Art Fair presents a safe space for us art lovers to come together and talk things out and actively make steps for a Greener Future within our own sphere of activity. This is not about fixing every practice right away, I am sure as each fair ends, we will have learnt new ways to improve for the next edition. It has to be a guilt-free, positive journey we all take together. Artists for me have the brightest ideas and see things in a unique way, I can’t wait to see what emerges from their creative take on building a Greener Future.” Kate Bryan, Curator of Greener Future
Both behind the scenes and in its programme, Greener Future is about progress over perfection. The project will be a dialogue on how we can all help each other be more eco-progressive, from rethinking wrapping materials and replacing single use plastics to how small changes can make a big impact on a worldwide effort to address global warming. Rather than a one-off campaign, Greener Future is designed to find new solutions and environmentally friendly alternatives that will be permanent aspects of the fairs moving beyond 2019.
Greener Future Highlights will include:
Kate Bryan will curate ART UPCYCLE, a daily programme of artists working live at the fairs. The artists include Charming Baker, Sarah Maple, Danny Augustine, Eliza Hope, Rose Blakeand Henry Hussey and will be available to fair goers to ‘upcycle’ their art. Encouraged to bring an unwanted print, an unloved old painting, their own artwork or a tired piece resigned to the junkpile, the public can pay £95 to have their artwork born again.
A drinking cup designed exclusively for The Other Art Fair by David Shrigley will be available to purchase online and at every fair. This will replace single use plastic bottles and cups at the art fairs globally. As well as being a key piece of eco-kit, it is also an artwork acquisition. It will be launched alongside a social media competition asking people to hashtag every time they re-use the cup.
Beccy McCray will present The Full Circle, a playful installation artwork that uses tens of thousands of reclaimed ‘hole-punches’ to simulate snow. This physically immersive work is a reflection on consumption and the vast amount of waste generated over the festive season – and the impact this has on our fragile environment.
Where possible, wrapping materials will be recycled paper and wrapping tape and bubble wrap will be biodegradable and recycled.
At selected fairs, an engaging programme of talks will include eco industry experts to create a forum for how the artworld can make a difference and be more environmentally conscious.
Each fair will have a permanent Feedback Wall which will be designed by a local artist and will allow visitors to leave ideas and suggestions to further the cause. Part of an ongoing effort to create a guilt-free, engaged audience of art lovers who help each other be more eco-aware.
Greener Future is the brainchild of Ryan Stanier, Founder of The Other Art Fair, who set up the fair back in 2011 in order to help, assist and support unrepresented artists and since then it has sold over 20,000 artworks, welcomed over 200,000 visitors and worked with more than 3,000 artists across 20 countries.
Ryan Stanier comments; Today our mission has broadened and eight years on I believe we can still do more. In order to continue working with artists and putting on fun events which both stimulate and surprise our audiences, we must aim to do this in a sustainable way. Events often have a negative impact on the environment and running an art fair is no different. We have therefore set ourselves the challenge to be more thoughtful in every decision we make as an organisation and our commitment is to be as environmentally aware as possible. We are not going to be running wholly sustainable events in 2019 but across all our fairs we are taking steps to get much closer to that.
Kate is very passionate about the subject. She will be curating a number of initiatives to highlight many of the issues faced by both artists and organisations like our selves. The Other Art Fair is committed to making a difference. I believe we are currently having a positive impact on the “artworld” by cultivating the emerging part of the market but in order to create art we need a healthy world to be both inspired by and to live in. It’s just another reason we are The “Other” Art Fair.” | @THEOTHERARTFAIR
IMAGE: David Shrigley drinking cup designed exclusively for The Other Art Fair